About AMU

Add Multiple Users (AMU) is an admin plugin for WordPress that allows you to bulk register users using a variety of tools.

It is particularly useful if you have a backlog of users you want to bulk add to your site, or for any other purpose where the ‘one-by-one’ process is too slow.


  • Add user information manually in a blank form, upload or paste CSV data, or convert email addresses to new user information
  • Add users directly to a site from a Network list in Multisite environments
  • Multisite capability allows the plugin to run individually in each site on your network
  • Validation checks for the uniqueness of usernames and email addresses as you type, as well as optional email address validation
  • Validation that rates the strength of your chosen password for each user
  • Includes options to enable or disable notifying new users of their login information
  • The ability to set all new users to a single Role or set each user individually
  • Optional password field for each user, with a WordPress-generated password if you leave it blank
  • The optional ability to generate dummy email addresses for users without email access
  • And lots more…


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A Free Multi-user Adding Plugin for WordPress